First post: A little history

Hiya and welcome.

I plan to use this blog as a journal about my photography, providing information on exhibits and sundry activities, as well as discussing locations I’ve shot and thoughts about the images I take. I hope you enjoy what I write about, and look forward to your comments.

Who is this guy, anyway? Well, I was born in Bridgend, Wales and my family emigrated to Canada in 1972. I lived in Sarnia, Ontario until leaving for university in Waterloo, Ont. I moved to Toronto in 1988, and eventually hung up my hat at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, currently working in the Arts unit for CBC News.

My father bestowed unto me his camera, a fabulous German-made Praktica SLR in the 1980s and while my interest in photography spans decades, I started to get serious after a year ‘s sabbatical in 1999, backpacking around the globe with my wife, Linda. I departed with a Yashica T4 Super D. The Yashika got me through South-east Asia and opened up a new world for me as I explored what was around me. I bought a Pentax SLR in Singapore, on my way to Southern Africa, a Canon Elan 7E (loved that camera).  Eventually I upgraded to digital and haven’t looked back (well, not often). My first attempt at exhibiting occurred in 2003 ( group show, portraits of Kathakali dancers, taken in Kerala, India).  I am currently participating in the fabulous Building Storeys II exhibition,  on display at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. More on that shortly.

I’m a very fortunate person, having photographed in Central and South America, southern Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, South-East Asia and India. Over the years I’ve developed a strong interest in religious practices and a fascination with buildings and architecture, beginning with ancient ruins that I’ve seen around the world and, perhaps more important to me, modern ruins found in urban settings. My exploration of heritage architecture and, in particular, contemporary abandoned buildings is the touchstone for what I think is the most interesting work I’ve done to date.

This blog begins in the middle of a journey. Thanks for coming along on the ride.

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