New figurative: Sandra Kie

Single strobe light to left, mirrored plexiglass on floor.

Another session with model Sandra Kie at Toni’s studio. The theme was primarily nude figurative, and we worked with three different sets: mirrored plexiglass on black; modeling table, and a figure-sized box which we partially filled with water and fabric.  The plexiglass worked well (see above), though the plexi pieces were small and I ended up with lines where I didn’t really want them. Sandra was a delight to work with on the modelling table and I was able to get several tableaux that I’m happy with. The fabric and water was an interesting experiment that kind-of-didn’t work (not enough time to properly work with light, limited time, and cold, tired model). The challenge of each of these settings is that they require time to get right, and I know myself well enough that I always get better shots the second time around. It was good to push a bit, to try and work quickly, and to try and get good shots off the mark. Sandra was, as always, great to work with, but on this occasion I think I fell below my personal bar.

1 thought on “New figurative: Sandra Kie

  1. Glad to see you experimenting as you are. This one’s fascinating!

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