In the RAW: Photographing artists at the 2012 Riverdale Art Walk

Encaustic painter Corin Pinto at the June 2012 RAW in Toronto

A short while ago my friend and fellow explorer Russell Brohier offered me the opportunity to photograph artists participating in the 2012 Riverdale Art Walk. Russell knows how much I enjoy portraiture, art, and artistic process, and I was more than willing to accept. It was a big job this year, as there were over 130 artists involved in the art fair, which is considerably more than the 80 who were present in 2010 (the last time I took on Russell’s challenge).

Being at the 2012 RAW was a bit like old home week.  I was a member of the Riverdale Artist Network before work got in the way, and Linda and I own work created by a number of east Toronto artists. It was good to see familiar faces, make a few new friends and talk with a whole lot of artists about what they love to create, their creative process, and why they make what they make.

My challenge was creating portraits that featured both them and their work. Sometimes that meant photographing a booth, but my favourite images incorporate the artist’s work as backdrops to their portraits.  You’ll find a select few of my favourite images from the weekend in the portrait section of my website, and you’ll find even more of them on my flickr site.

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