Who I am…

I am reading about contemplative photography via Kim Manley Ort. One of the first things I came across on her website was her suggestion of creating a visual CV. It’s an interesting notion: a visual response to a series of questions about oneself.  Without further ado, here are my answers:

Who are you?


Why photography?


What is your trademark photographic style?


What truly inspires you?


Where do you go when you close your eyes?


Where is home for you?

where is home.jpg

How would you describe your lifestyle?


What makes a great shot?

great shot.jpg

How do you view the world? 

how do you view.jpg

What is an important lesson you learned?

important lesson.jpg

1 thought on “Who I am…

  1. I was just thinking of you two yesterday….Get ready, Get set,…… and almost….. isn’t it? These photos are SO characteristic of you. I love the way they speak of and describe you. And I love to think of you in the early morning, sitting on my couch, and I see the sky behind you, lighting up. Enjoy Mexico! Love, Gloria >

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