Art Gallery sculptures

I love art galleries. I find them spiritually fulfilling and enriching. I try to visit them regularly, and the one closest to me is the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. The AGO is home to some wonderful sculptures, and I’m just starting to realize how exquisite sculptural artworks are.

Visiting the AGO is like visiting an old friend. I’m familiar with most of the works, yet always seem to find something new. For years I’ve walked past this sculpture by Rodin, It  is in the same room as some of my favourite paintings and, as a result, I’m not sure I’ve given it much time. It’s exquisite:

Another sculpture I found appealing was of writer H.P. Lovecraft, found at a recent AGO exhibit featuring artworks collected by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro:

Sometimes an artwork is made special through placement in conjunction with other artwork, like this sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago:

And sometimes the art doesn’t even need to be in the same room for there to be a connection, such as between this sculpture and painting at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh:


Sometimes the sculptures seem to exist entirely by themselves, like this sculpture by Degas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City:
And sometimes sculptures just melt into the background, beautiful and perhaps so in harmony with their surroundings that they fail to compete with something flashier.
Sometimes they become the centre of attention and you want to get up close to see details, like this one at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa:
However you like to view them, they are, I think, worth viewing. Keep your eyes open and spend some time with them.

1 thought on “Art Gallery sculptures

  1. Thank you for this Tim. I can’t wait to for my next visit to a gallery. I will try to step back and see the art from different perspectives – close up, at a distance and in conjunctions with its surroundings.

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